90’x is a collective of four Georgian photographers born in the 90’s after the collapse of USSR.


Mano Svanidze 

Mano Svanidze (1992) is a self-taught Georgian photographer currently based in Tbilisi.  She graduated from Tbilisi State University with a BA in Marketing. She also studied composition and music for 10 years. In 2009 she discovered her interest in photography and since then photography has become an integral part of her life.

Thoma Sukhashvili

Thoma Sukhashvili is a multimedia artist from South Ossetia, based in Tbilisi. His documentary works, which include a photo, audio, and installation mainly explore collective memory and the places that slowly disappear in time. He is also a co-founder of 90x collective.

Girogi Rodionov 

Giorgi Rodionov is a Tbilisi-based artist and a curator focused on social and political stories from the region of South Caucasus. Having grown up in a post-Soviet country his interest grew into social structures and identities a lot. After graduating journalism in Georgia, he moved to Europe and continued studies in contemporary arts for his MA. Most of Giorgi’s works are based on his researches that are later transformed into installation, performance, participative art, book or other different mediums. As for the journalistic practice, he is very much interested in bringing science, art and the rest of the society together to deal with the issues as a joint power. His artistic activity list includes many exhibitions in different European countries and Georgia, as well as personal projects published in different Medias.
In 2019 Giorgi founded an art space called Untitled Tbilisi that aims to bring artists from the South Caucasus together to bring art as the tool for open up the discussions and support women, queer or ethnich minority rights.

Nino-Ana Samkharadze

Nino-Ana is an Aarhus-based photographer and a cultural manager.
She has been curating and organizing exhibitions of international artists for the last 6 years. Currently, she is working as a photography editor and mentors upcoming photojournalists in the South Caucasus at Chai Khana Media.
She moved to Denmark a couple of years ago and continues working in the photography field. Recently she co-founded Aarhus Foto platform which aims to build a community around photography in Denmark.
Her photo projects are personal and conceptual, topics mainly highlight the liberation from the norms and pressure that the society she lived in carried.